[CR] FS: Cinelli 1960s chromed Pista, complete bike

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From: <FujiFish1@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 23:41:21 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Cc: FujiFish1@aol.com
Subject: [CR] FS: Cinelli 1960s chromed Pista, complete bike

For sale from a local cycling cohort of mine, a mid 1960s Cinelli track bike in full chrome. Serial number under b.b. shell is 2247, with a "C" stamped between the chain stay sockets, and it has a brass enameled head badge. Famous three-piece seat post binder bolt. Seat tube is 59.5cm, and top tube is 59cm, both measured center to center. I think this one is right around 1965-66, as the front "No-Record" hub has a locknut dated 1966. Although both hubs are believed to be original equipment, the rear has "Record" on it, but I didn't check for a locknut date.

Original Campagnolo pista headset (with "tall-0" font on the locknut, 26.2mm Record seat post (with smaller font), large flange pista hubs, assumed Record pista bottom bracket, and 165mm 151bcd, early section cranks (more squared off pre-1967-68 shape, but no recess in rear for pedal spindle caps). The 50t, 1/8" pista chain ring is the correct extra beefy, reinforced type, but the "wide-O" font in the logo and on the crank dust covers indicates that those three pieces may be 1970s replacements. Probably the previous owner needed a smaller or larger ring and bought what fit from the LBS, perhaps replacing the old dust covers while he was at it. 4 of 5 chainring bolts have lost their chrome finish, but they appear to be original, with the correct "tall-0" font.

Original Chromed Cinelli 110mm track stem with beautiful brass enameled badge, and chromed track bars. Bars are half-wrapped with slightly faded red Benotto tape. Saddle may also be a 1970s replacement ... a good used condition Brooks Team Pro with large copper rivets, but I can't find any date code on the cantle plate, which has no rust. Could this be as old as the bike?

Cog is 17t, but doesn't appear to be Campagnolo. The lock ring has the "C" in diamond logo, but looks more like chrome than the brushed finish I am used to seeing on them. Perhaps the earlier version was chromed? My friend believes he has the original Campagnolo chromed pista pedals somewhere, but couldn't find them. Buyer is promised that if the pedals turn up, they will be shipped free of charge, regardless of how far in the future this may occur, but purchase is based upon no pedals. Despite the pedals being missing, chromed Christophe Special toe clips and white Christophe toe straps are included, but it is unknown if they are original or 1970s replacements as well. 1/8" nickel plated D.I.D. track chain with master link.

The only real component bummer is that the original silver aluminum rims were replaced with 1980s dark anodized, semi-aero Matrix tubulars, still in great condition. Perfect for riding, but not for show. Old tires may or may not come with it, but if they do, should not be considered usable, even though they might be.

There was cloth tape covered by plastic tape banded around the top tube to prevent handlebar swing damage. Worked perfectly, but now removed, there is a bit of rust in the chrome that will probably not be removable. There is the typical chrome oxidation in the crotch of the b.b. shell area and other hard to reach places, where polishing was difficult. I've wiped off a good amount of it, with a water dampened cloth and fingernail work, but I have not broken down the bike or detailed it in any way. I leave this enjoyment of restoration to the buyer. My guess is that 80-90% of existing oxidation will be removed with brass brush, etc., but be aware that some of it will remain, most specifically at the b.b. and less so at or under the fork crown, and some of the removed rust will leave imperfections in the chrome. Not perfect looking anymore, but still very nice for 45 years old. Handled and used, but not mishandled or abused.

No dings, dents, cracks, stress areas, structural rust, etc. This will clean up into a VERY nice, used example of a highly collectible marque, from a desirable time period, and in a track model no less.

Asking price is $1800 DELIVERED via FedEx Ground, to any continental US locale. If this price is not met, then offers will be considered. Failing this, it will not be offered here again, since that is against list rules ... it will be listed on Ebay. No pics have been taken, but I can shoot some for serious interested parties. Too big for me, or I'd be working on a scheme to keep this one with me!!!

Mark Agree
Southfield, Michigan, USA