[CR] 1981 Bicycling Magazines

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Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 20:15:49 -0400
From: loudeeter@aol.com
Subject: [CR] 1981 Bicycling Magazines

I was reviewing three 1981 Bicycling magazines and found several articles that might be of interest to list members. One is a full page discussion of Jim Merz's aerodynamic bike in June 1981. Second was a long article in the October 1981 issue about framebuilding. It has pictures of Tom Kellogg, John Stinsmen, and Jim Redcay and discussion about these framebuilders and custom building. The article includes a long discussion by Gary Klein and Gregory Merrick about different framebuilding material properties, including stiffness and strength. Perhaps the best article is one comparing the properties of Columbus SL and Reynolds 531, particularly after brazing. It was the result of a college thesis and reads like one! The final article of note was a discussion of hydration and heat exhaustion where the authors suggested adding sugar and salt to the water bottle. I guess we didn't have a lot of energy and electrolyte drinks back then. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA