[CR] Items FS: Sturmey Archer ASC trigger, C100 cranks, handlebar stems etc.

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From: "Neil Foddering" <neilfoddering@hotmail.com>
To: Rendezvous Classic <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 16:22:55 +0000
Subject: [CR] Items FS: Sturmey Archer ASC trigger, C100 cranks, handlebar stems etc.

I'm offering the following items for sale to List members, before I list them on eBay. There are photos of the items at:


Shipping and insurance (where appropriate) extra. I don't charge for packing.

1. Coloral feeding container for handlebar cage. Well-used! These were used for holding food, such as rice pudding, for long-distance time trials, such as 12- and 24-hour events.

This one has acquired a superb patina of use, mainly dents and scratches, but also what might be the residue of 60-year-old rice pud (no extra charge for this). Yum. There is a crack to the hinge mount, but this should not present a problem, provided that the lid isn't forced back further than it wants to go.


These are rare - this is only the second one I've seen.

Price: GBP25

2. ASC trigger. This has recently been completely stripped and serviced by Phoenix Hub Gear Co., and a new spring has been fitted. A copy of the invoice precedes the photos of the trigger. The trigger is now in great mechanical shape. From a cosmetics point of view, the face plate has been polished at some time past, revealing the brass.

Price: GBP 55

3. "Allez" (Holdsworth) drinking bottle for handlebar cage. NOS with storage wear. 1940s/1950s.

This is in excellent condition, with some very light scuffs/scratches here and there, and a small dent on the bottom edge. It is engraved "Allez" (Holdsworth's trade mark) on the bottom, and comes with a cork. The cork is an excellent fit, and I believed it to be original, until I photographed the bottle against the relevant page from Holdsworth's 1949 catalogue, which refers to a cork with an alloy top. Nevertheless, this would look great polished on a 1940s or 50s Holdsworth.

Price: GBP 25

4. Il Primo Milano (Holdsworth) badged chromed steel handlebar stem. 1960s, possibly late 1950s. These stems were a Holdsworth product, but whether they came from Italy, or were badged fancy lapped stems, I don't know.

This one has been used, and there is some wear (spotting, light marking and a small rust patch) to the chrome, but the tricolor green, white and red enamelled badge which is riveted to the top of the front extension shows no paint loss. This would look great on a racing bike of the period with original or patinated paint.

Price: GBP 35.

5. Titan stem. 2" extension. New old stock, but with some light zig-zag insertion marks extending about 5/8" up from the bottom of the quill. These will be completely invisible when the stem is fitted, since they don't extend beyond the expander slots.

These stems were available from the mid-1930s onward, and were considered extremely desireable.

Price: GBP 25

6. Williams C1000 cranks. Length 6.5". Listed in Brown Brothers' 1939 cycle accessory catalogue as "C1000 Lightweight Racing Pattern"". They cost about 25 percent more in 1939 than the much more common C34 pattern. They are machined away so that they are thinner in profile than the C34, but leaving a full-width boss at the end for the pedal spindle. These elegant cranks take the normal Williams C34 pattern chainwheels. High-quality lightweight maufacturers fitted them as standard equipment to their top-end models; Chater-Lea and BSA were usually optional extras, with BSA being the premium option pre-war.

This pair dates from the 1930s but they are also suitable also for high-class post-war machines.

They have been re-chromed to a high standard by Prestige Electroplating, a company which consistently produces excellent results, and is used by Veteran-Cycle Club members and cycle restorers.

Price: GBP 39

Finally, an item which is already on eBay - a really beautiful pair of celluloid-covered genuine Lauterwasser bars. There's a split to celluloid on the underside, but this can be remedied quite simply, and won't then show in use. My photos don't do these bars justice.



Or search under my eBay userid "hadendowa".

Happy to answer any questions, as always.

Neil Foddering
Weymouth, Dorset, England