Re: [CR] On Topic Rear Ders & 10t/11t Pulleys ?

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Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 06:07:06 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR] On Topic Rear Ders & 10t/11t Pulleys ?

Hi Richard, I am not sure about Huret having a toothless pulley, but I remember using an old Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleur with toothless pulleys. They were all-steel too, if I remember correctly. It was a long time ago, so my memory make be slightly askew. All the best, Peter Rogers Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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Subject: [CR] On Topic Rear Ders & 10t/11t Pulleys ?

> Ahoy !

> The intent of my inquiry is both "keep 'em flying" and improvement tricks.

> And, I understand this could be a broad topic given the variety of On

> Topic rear ders. So, yes, I'm throwing the floor open and inviting all

> comments on all makes of rear ders. What's coming to mind is a lister's

> comment from a while ago that he mixes pulleys on the same der (Campag

> NR?) and achieves improved shifting. And, there are some really nice

> pulleys on the market for which it would be nice to know if they will work

> on On Topic rear ders.

> For my part, it pains my sense of stewardship to use up nice, vintage

> pulleys on rider bikes so, I'm always on the alert for alternatives. Also,

> I don't have the slightest idea of how pulley teeth quantity could affect

> shifting. Didn't Huret have a toothless pulley?


> Thanks.


> Richard Cielec

> Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.