Re: [CR] Suntour Cyclone GT changers (or Huret Jubilee) needed!

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Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 11:52:22 +0100
From: Derek Athey <>
To: John Clay <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Suntour Cyclone GT changers (or Huret Jubilee) needed!

Hello John

A word of warning about Suntour Cyclone MkII front derailleurs if you are offered one of these. I have one that I fitted brand new to my custom built Roberts Club Tourist in 1984, where it has remained ever since. Only last week I decided to change the chainset for a smaller ring set up to help my aging knees. Naturally the mech was situated too high up the seat tube, so attempted to lower it. The clamp arrangement is covered by an alloy cover held in place with a small recessed cross-headed set screw. Because the screw has been in there so long it has seized and in trying to undo it I have 'turned' to metal of the 'cross head'. So cannot now get at it to remove it at all. I am going to have to drill out the head to remove the cover in order to get to the clamp fixing.

Stupid arrangement really. The hinged clamp design front derailleurs are clearly a better arrangement in such circumstances. Fortunately, for the time being it still changes OK, despite being able to get a small finger tip between the cage and chain!

I would avoid this model mech if I were you. Stcik with the bolt and nut type of fixing.

Regards Derek Athey Honiton, Devon UK

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 3:26 AM, John Clay <> wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> Do any of you have a set of front/rear Suntour Cyclone GT deraileurs you'd
> like to sell? If so, please respond off list. A Huret Jubilee would be OK
> too!
> Thanks,
> John Clay
> Tallahassee, Florida
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