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FWIW, I just put up a page about Ideor

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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Hi list. thanks to Peters pointer on where to look I found my Ideors serial number. It was pretty much filled in with paint. The number is about 1000 higher than Peters 1960 and so tends to confirm my 1962 date based on the Campy hub lock nuts date. My bike is pretty much identical to Peters except it is light gray with red chromovelto head tube and seat tube accents. It appears to be fully chromed under the paint but only the dropout faces are exposed. When I refinish it I may leave more chrome exposed{ head lugs and full dropout}, depending on it's state of preservation. I dont realy plan on doing the refinish anytime soon, it's apart for a quick tidy up but its going to be a rider for the foreseeable future as soon as I get it back together. Thanks for all the help from Peter and others!

Greg Lone
Langley B.C.