[CR] WTB or trade : Jack taylor Frame or Bicycle 57-60cm

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Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 16:21:08 -0700
From: "pbbikes" <pbbikes@gmail.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR] WTB or trade : Jack taylor Frame or Bicycle 57-60cm

Hey all.

I'm finally getting around to building myself up some new bikes to ride and also a small collection.

im looking for jack taylor frameset, -tour of britain etc. can be beat looking and i dont care what year. Preferably want something relaxed and with some brazeons.

This is going to be for my postal carryall town bike. This is for my private use and not resell. i do of course sell lots of vinatge nos and used parts so i have ton to offer. id love to trade.

Ive got quite few frames and bikes that are just hanging around and im not really into restoring something i wont keep or selling complete bikes or frames.

also id love a Taylor brothers "traylor" - were they so clever

A few frames I have

The infamous tomassini? track bike Ive had on ebay for a while, no one has really said yeah or neah on it being real- i plan on being at Eroica this year so will do some traveling around and see if I cant speak with Irio or even getto Grosetto.

cilo swiss track frame another beat to crap paint job but it comes witha campy swiss bb-how rare is that?

1973 paramount p-13 full chrome frameset 59cm if i remember correctly - i bought this from a gentleman who had the tt cable guides on top of bar tape for what i thought was protection of the immaculant chrome but ended up being a nice size dent. I kept this one as a future part of the fleet but have my one special steel roadie that i built and love and dont need another bike with no brazeons. no joke the chrome an 8 or 9. the dent is cosmetic, it wont fold on you or anything.

80's Dreosa frame and fork around 57cm killer paint except for chainslap chips -chrome sloping crown

this one I might not want to part with but havent gotten it restored yet, its been bubblewrapped to send out for almost a year 71 colnago-59-60cm braze ons were added and the paints ugly. lots of research . it doesnt have the holes in the bb shell but does have the two holes on the outside of fork crown and cutouts in the right places to predate 72

a 1960 carlton franco suisse - awesome complete bike with williams cottered cranks that look new and all kinds sweet little bits

1960 Bianchi record complete

a few peugots

batavus folder thats actually on topic and will be up for sale- i got a pair and the wife is keen on the one with the 2 speed kickback, the one for trade has a built in rack upgraded on topic everything and a sachs 5 speed hub but also the original kickback wheel as well

tons of nos and used parts from the 30's onward..

I really do prefer a trade and to not use proper english or punctuation in this post- please forgive my brashness but I will sign off correctly and make up for it later

Soirt notice but ill be heading to Sacramento tomorrow to pick up me mum for a visit and then to Sf in a week if anyone has what im looking for in the area. or even cares to have cup of joe in sac tomorrow

Im also an hour from the oregon border and up for visits on the compound occasionally if you can get past the pitbulls and have jack taylor with you just kidding kinda

or actually would meet up with any listmembers save for few rude ones;) if your driving by on I-5 from portland to sf or some such route

Im getting back to my roots of riding, wrenching, and collecting, not all biz

Snatched up one hell of a score yesterday a 1976 new in box chris king headset from when they were in santa barbara

I also have that 1983 Mariushi with gold plating that is pretty sweet to trade

Since this isnt a for sale posting any of the above items are available to trade even if you dont have the taylor ive been dreaming if recently. catalogs and literature are at the top of my list f collectibles im looking for right now.

Thanks Guys, i hope ive offered up enough goodies to get on in trade. i'll consider a real choice Jt as well but if its too nice I wont ride it but i'll keep it for the showroom


Barry Scott
Mount Shasta CA USA