[CR] FS: The Last From Aladdin's Cave!

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From: "Matthew 'Devotion' Bowne" <devotion_finesse@hotmail.com>
To: CR discussion list <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 20:12:49 -0400
Subject: [CR] FS: The Last From Aladdin's Cave!

Howdy Folks, Well I am finally getting around to selling the last few remaining items from the collection of a CR Listmember who recently made the big move to Italia... I am pleased to offer the following stuff to The List. All prices include shipping in the Continental United States.

1) HEADSET GRAB BOX. A one-gallon ZipLoc bag FULL of headset parts/spares. There might even be a complete headset assembly or two in here. Various brands, threading, condition, eras are covered here but mostly 60's-ish British stuff. $75

2) 'WORTHY' British Cycling Shorts. These are more of a "tourist" short rather than a racing skin. Lotsa pockets, suspender buttons and such. Reinforced "chamois" area. These might have been black at one time but are now very faded. Adjustable waist is approximately 31". Grab a bottle of black RIT dye and slay 'em with style! $35

3) STURMY-ARCHER 3-SPEED GRAB BOX. Couple of hubs which look complete to my totally untrained eye. Another bunch of "guts" and some spares, a shifter lever, a cog, etc. $50

4) EVEREST "Super Caimi" Single Speed 20T Freewheel. This shows no tooth wear or trace of grease and might even be NOS. But it's been kicking around for 50+ years, is kinda stiff and in need of a good lube. (Like some of our faithful CR brethren!) $24

5) 2 Late 50's/Early 60's CAMPY GRAN SPORT Rear Derailleurs. One is a complete, taken off of a Frejus Tour de France. The other looks to be an identical model, but missing a limit screw and pulley/cage screws. Good for spare parts, or replace the screws and clean it up. The pulleys are included, as is a Campy clamp-on derailleur hanger. $75.

6) T.D. Cross & Sons 16T Single Speed Freewheel. This one also appears unridden but has some surface grease and "mung". Kinda brass colored, and also in need of some oil. $22

7) CAMPY Seatpost Wrench. To get up under the saddle on that 2-bolt record seatpost. This appears to be a later version, with the Campy logo raised rather than recessed. $22

8) CAMPY clamp-on downtube shifter bosses w/ umbrella pump hood. No levers or hardware. Good condition. $25

9) CAMPY quick release seatpins. 2 of 'em. $20 each.

10) SILCA Frame Pump Grab Bag. One silver (beat up) pump w/ Campy head and good compression. A couple more heads and a few leather plungers. One Campy French pump head, possibly NOS (male threaded). $50

11) OFMEGA crank puller. $15

12) 7T Inch Pitch Cog. Used. "Made in England". $25

13) TOE CLIP BONANZA. 8 pairs in various shape and sizes. Mostly small. 3 Orphans. Condition varies, but all usable. Some "elbow grease" required. Christophe, Campy, etc. $40

14) Bag of 5 NOS Campagnolo clamp-on chainstay cable stops. No hardware included. $25

14) GRAB BOX OF ODDS N' ENDS. $65 Contains the following: - 3 orphan brake levers. Mafac, etc. - Couple of Campy chainstay cable stops (no hardware) - 2 orphan Campy BB cups - Balila city bike brake caliper - pair of wingnuts - Cyclo alloy spoke protectors (2) - Pair of Sugino BB Cups - small VAR chain tool - pair LAM brake blocks - bag of Campy bolt-on derailleur hangers - bag of DA and G.B. clamp on brake cable guides, no hardware - beat up old stopwatch - leather 'hairnet' with broken chin strap. I'm told it's Dutch, possibly filled with horse hair.

Pics are not readily available, but I can snap a quick iPhone pic for seriously interested parties. I'm happy to combine shipping on multiple items. Heck. Buy ALL of it and I'll reduce the total price by 15%.

Thanks for looking.
Matthew Bowne
wrappin' it up in
Brooklyn, New York