[CR]Rose Bowl ride and other things

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Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 16:31:49 -0500 (EST)
From: "Brandon Ives" <monkey37@bluemarble.net>
Cc: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
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Subject: [CR]Rose Bowl ride and other things

I thought I'd decloak for a note that I'm going to try my best to make The Rose Bowl Ride this Sunday. Not too long ago I was voted one of the top 5 list members other members wanted to meet, so here's your chance. I've been laid up with a dislocated shoulder the last couple of weeks and I think I can ride 25 by Sunday. I'm not going to be riding anything special and my Lotus fixed-gear is a lot like Johnny Cash's Cadillac, but I'm sure the average is pre-85. Anyway, I'll see you all out there.

I also wanted to say I like how the lost has gotten a sense or humor in the last year. The whole Dick Power thing was starting to remind me about firestorm that rose up around Ken denny's use of the "M" word. I hope the fun attitude stays around until I get back on board in a few months. enjoy, monkeyman known to the IRS as Brandon Ives Sunny 74 Santa Barbara, CA

"Nobody can do everything, but if everybody did something everything would get done." Gil Scott-Heron