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Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 18:57:22 -0700
From: "Monkeyman" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Rose Bowl ride and other things

>Haven't had any luck making a connection to hitch a ride so
>far; but since you're going to (you'd better be) there,

This sounds like I'm being called out. . . I guess I have no choice. I will say now that if anyone want's to take on the "young buck" to the county line your outta luck. I'm the total LSD rider. . . no not that kind of LSD, Long Slow Distance tourist type of stuff. It's kind of like the being a lover not a fighter thing.
> Looking forward to making the aquaintence of Monkeylad in person!
>After seeing "Planet of
>the Apes", is this really a good idea?

Thanks though I look nothing like Tim Roth or Marky Mark and I don't want any spoilers from the movie either, cause I'm waiting until I'm in Amsterdam in three weeks so I can see it in Dutch and the dialogue won't mean anything then.
> Thank God for AAA.

Random thought, wouldn't AAA for bikes be really cool? It could be called BBB (Better Biking Bureau) and you could call them and they'd come and replace a folded wheel. broken chain, or bring you that much needed GORP to you on the road. I mean really what do all those cars in Le Tour do off season? Sit in garages I'll bet. "In a world full of Supermen there can only be one Bicycle Repairman."

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