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I'll have to chime in on this one. Hey where's Mark B? You'll find Seattle is one of the most shop intensive cities there is out there. There are only a few "classic" shops there. The oldest is Wright Brothers in Fremont. Charles used to have a fine bunch of stuff and poking around in the back is a must except it's a no-no unless you know someone, maybe if he asks nicely. I'll mention Recycled Cycles on Boat St. in the U-district sometimes has some things of interest to classic members. There is but one KING of classic shops in Seattle and it is The Bikesmith in Wallingford. Sure I worked there for 3+ years and Val the owner is a friend and my early mentor but it really is the shop you'll find the most "classic" stuff for sale. You can go look at museum pieces at Il Vechieo down on lake Washington blvd. or Kingston Cycles on Vashon Island??? These are both "must see's" if you're just looking. The Bikesmith is the place you go to talk to people that have the stuff and have been mechanics for 30+ years and KNOW the stuff. Where did you think the monkeyman learned his stuff? Most of the shops in Seattle have a "classic" bike or two on the walls so tell your brother to keep a full weekend open to see them all. enjoy, Brandon"monkeyman"Ives
>My brother-in-law (a bike nut long before I was!) is going to Seattle, WA
>tomorrow. Can anyone recommend a "must see" bike shop? Plus he wants to
>rent a road bike to do a few days of touring. So far all the shops he's
>called only has run-of-the-mill mountain bikes for rent. Any suggestions
>where he might rent a road bike?
>Thanks in advance! He might even have an early 70's bike catalog to pass on
>to fellow affectionados!
>Jill DiMauro
>Maryland (for now)

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