[CR]Old English Roadster Questions

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From: "Art Smith" <ahsmith49@home.com>
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Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 09:42:22 -0700
Subject: [CR]Old English Roadster Questions

1. I have a mid 30's Hercules roadster with rod brakes that I would like to outfit with a kickstand. Because of the rod brake linkage between the stays, none of my kickstands will fit. I tried a thirties era balloon tire rear drop stand, but not only does it mess with the S/A chain bolt, but I'd have to drill holes in the fenders for the clamp. Any ideas? 2. All of the cables that I have seen that work with S/A drums brakes appear to be double headed factory cables. Did they originally come with hardware and cable already on them? If now, how was the hardware added? Did they come in different lengths? I can make a modern cable work, but it would be nice to have something original. Are these still around?

Art Smith (If Ken Wallace is still in Phx, please contact me.)