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Another little twist to this one: West Coast Cycle Supply sold, concurrent with the first Nishikis, Mercier-manufactured bikes labeled "Ameican Flyer." They probably realized that the Japanese bikes were the superior item, along with figuring out that, at least in Southern California, a Japanese brand name was not a hindrance to sales. By the early 80's, that brand name was good enough to plaster on frames made by Colnago. The brand that they used to cram dealers closer together was Azuki, a sibling brand with very similar
David Feldman

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> Dale,
> Thanks for the info on the American Eagle / Nishiki names. I bought my
> AmEagle and Nishiki from the same dealer, Fred's Bike Shop in Winston-Salem,
> NC . . . I don't know how much you know the W-S bike shops, but I wonder if
> Fred's still around? The other shop I used to frequent there was Ken's, in
> Reynolda Village. Sad to say, when I went to UNC-G in the late 70s and
> again in the mid-80s, I spent more time studying than I did riding, but I
> remember looking longingly through Cycles d'Oro's windows on Spring St.
> nath "why is it raining on my day off?" dresser