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Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 09:04:41 EDT
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<< Allins of Croydon was (is?) a specialty shop in suburban London. The frame was made in-house an is not a Cooper. >>

Definitely "was"....Closed down about two years ago... Todd, I am curious, how do you know Ron Cooper didn't make this particular bike? I understand a number of builders worked at & for Allins.. How can we tell which builder did a particular bike? Or if a particular bike was made in-house? What's the secret to determining this? Thanks in advance!

<< There is a very nice write up about the shop in a pulp bike book from the 70's called the "Clear Creek Bike Book" Clear Creek was a back to the land lifestyle/early environmental movement publication in the early 70s. >>

I vaguely remember seeing that book in the Flower Power days. Can anyone supply a scan of that Allin section? Thanks Dale

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