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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 11:17:58 -0700

Rich, Yah, sorry should have said 25 year old Masi. Hoping to hit two examples of higher quality production frames. Trying not to lead answers but looking for list of attributes that includes not only the visible - physical stuff but price/value, "history".

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Are we talking current Masi, as in "Milano", or comparing a vintage Masi with a current Waterford? No matter. I think that Waterfords might be the nicest "production" frames that I have seen. Others more knowledgeable than I may disagree? Not an RS or a Weigle (Baylis, Bohemian etc...), perhaps, but really nice steel frames. Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)

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The old Product Manager in me is curious about something. Wonder if the list is curious as well.

Supposing you were going to buy a road bike today. Given our general preferences lets say it would be steel, lugged, one color.

Would you buy a Masi or a Waterford and why?

Tom Rawson Oakland, CA (formerly Brookline Village, MA and Guilford, CT)