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Subject: Re: [CR]RE: Masi vs. Waterford
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 08:30:51 -0700


Couple questions: "Both frames are of noted quality" - are they equal in this regard?

"but only one the desirability and history" - get the history part but where'd you get the desriability part? Why?

Latter essence of original question.
Tom Rawson
Oakland, CA

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Subject: [CR]RE: Masi vs. Waterford

> This is very easy. Both are frames of noted quality. But only one the
> desirability and history: Masi. A matter of fact, mine would be race red
> in color with a complete Record-10 group with Shamal wheels. Let me put it
> this way. The Chrysler 300M is a great car, but damn, wouldn't you rather
> have a Mercedes?!?! History... both racing and quality.
> Kevin "I may just take a hammer to a French bike just for a smile" Weitzel
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