Re: [CR]Functional clincher tires in classic non rainbow styling

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Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2001 22:03:50 -0600
From: "Greg Achtem" <>
Organization: The University of Calgary
To: garth libre <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Functional clincher tires in classic non rainbow styling
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Rolly Poly.

Just make sure you have the frame clearance. Would you believe it, I couldn't get one to fit on a Riv Road with fenders (too damn tall). Tried single pivot brakes, zip ties, just couldn't get it to work.

US$ 40 for (CAN$ 60) for a kevlar beaded tire falls just about in the middle range for a tire in the bike shops around here. I had a credit at Riv so shipping wasn't a concern this time. They're round, they're wide (26 mm on my rims), they're comfy at 100 lbs, and they're black and tan (mmmm).

Greg Achtem

garth libre wrote:
> My IRC paperlites got worn thin in less than 4 months. I really would like a light, low rolling resistance tire that gets a good number of miles and is somewhat above average in puncture suceptability. I see that the industry has put a lot of their high end tires in color schemes like green, red, all black or grey. I want something with a black tread and brownish sidewall. I know Jobst insists on Specialized bald turbos, but they seem heavy, even in a 23 mm size. Anyone solved this problem. Oh yes , I believe a bicycle tire shouldn't cost as much as an auto tire. Anything up to $30 is aceptable but $20 is better.. no? Garth