[CR]What Have I found?

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From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@home.com>
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Subject: [CR]What Have I found?
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 09:08:20 -0500

Yesterday I stumbled onto a bike that I hope some of you can help ID. It would appear to be very un-original but the frame is what intestests the most. The parts are a mish mash of vintage campagnolo NR, Cinelli old logo bars and stem, Laprede seatpost, Brooks pro saddle, Supermaxy triple crankset, Shimano rear derailleur, modernish (1980's Campy front der), etc.

The frame has a plastic card with two attahing loops at its top to hang it from the TT and one attaching loop connecting it to the head tube. On the card is printed "1987 Audux Club Parisien, 4215 (big and centered), 11th Paris Brest Paris." Card is off white, print is red and blue except the (entry?) number 4215 which is a pastel green. The frame at first looks very much like an early PX10 with Nervex pro lugs and Nervex BB shell. But it is actually quite different with seat stays that are almost full wrap around (they don't meet by anout 1/8"), they are also very, very, very thin - unlike anything I have ever seen. At the top they are narrow but only a little bit compared to "normal" but at the bottom where the DO is mounted they are only about 1/4" diameter! The brake bridge is arched ala some team Peugeots but not reinforced where brazed to the stays but with a flush mount piece (you know, in place of the aluminum piece that is flat on one side and conave on the other so that the brake will sit flat onto/against the bridge) brazed on the side facing the brake but not on the back side. Rear brake is a long reach campy NR with a Campy drop bolt. The Dropots appear to be simple forgings or very nice stamped units as the edges are all rounded nicely, raised QR area, no der hanger tab and one set of eyelets. Just where the top of the DO comes out of the stay is what looks like "GNOLO" is this part of Campagnolo and the rest is on the tab up in the stay? They are not campy 1010 do's and they have no provision for an adjuster. Also stamped on the left rear DO is H75657. Also on the frame, and I suspect not original, are brazed on TT brake cable guides, two sets of water bottle cage mounts, chain hanger, shift lever mounts and top of BB cable guides. Front Der is clamp on. the frame is all scratched uo, no decals and white powde coat. the guy at the bike shop where I found this new nothing about it at all. To him, just a piece of junk taking up space. Front fork is probably a replacement as well since it is a Vitus aluminum just like on the Peugeot PY10cp I own. There are esge fenders front and rear. the fronts have special little brackets made to wrap around the fork blades due to lack of eyelets.

So HHhheelllllppp..............????????????

What on earth was this? How could such thin rear stays possibly support an adult?