[CR]More Westminster Swap Report

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From: "Bingham, Wayne R." <WBINGHAM@imf.org>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 16:06:59 -0500
Subject: [CR]More Westminster Swap Report

I have to agree with Marty, the Westminster swap this past Sunday was a great, fun event. Nothing like a Winter Sunday to bring out the bike-fix starved junkies for the prospect of that perfect "score". Next year, however, we should plan a little in advance, and see if we can get RPM Cycling to group us all in a "CR Corner". They seem to be pretty accommodating if you ask and register early. I've done it on a smaller scale in the past.

It was great seeing so many CR folks, on both sides of the vendor tables. There were so many that I can't remember them all, so I won't even try. The Larry B Lounge was missed. Got kind of spoiled by having a place regroup before making another round of the floor (and the groups of chairs and free food didn't detract either).

Notable remembrances include:

Jill, as usual, with the bargain of the day. In this case a decent TIG'd but unidentifiable road bike with an acceptable array of components, for $35

Tom, as usual, scoring another couple of big cheap (or free) frames. What do you do with all those frames Tom?

Harvey, "field stripping" that Masi Nouva Strada to a bare frame as the place was emptying.

Marty, buying a retro jersey just to wear for the day.

I think every one of the CR crowd found something of interest to lighten their respective wallets. I was feeling fairly unscathed and a little too prosperous, right up until the end. Throughout the day, I had only picked up a couple of NOS Edco Competition headsets, a pair of C-Rec brake levers (including the little floating aero cable guides that always seem to be missing), a chrome Columbus fork, a couple boxes of spokes and an '88 Tour de France pint glass. And, I had managed to sell off a bike and almost all of the small parts I came with. Business was good! I didn't sell the '84 Merckx I had brought, but I was doing okay. I had spied the 3Rensho early, as it was at a table adjacent to mine, but not prominently displayed. It was back behind the table against the wall, partially obscured by another bike. I tried to avoid it, but eventually wandered over to have a look. There was a tag on it indicating that it was a 58cm frame. It didn't look like a 58 so I asked to pull it out and have a closer look. It had an ugly CycleArt repaint (no offense JC, you probably didn't pick the colors, but the yellow and dark teal just weren't working!), and a Dura Ace 6sp group. Probably mid-to-late '80's, due to the "aero" DT shifter mount. Oh, and it was really a 55cm. Oh no, my size. I vowed to avoid it, figuring the last thing I need is another project that needs a repaint. I pushed it back behind the other bike.

However, my inquiry had bolstered the sellers resolve. He re-tagged it with the proper size, lowered the price slightly, and moved the bike to a prominent spot. Still I resisted. I repeated my calming mantra "notanotherproject...notanotherproject".

I just knew someone would buy it and eliminate my temptation. The day wore on. People are packing up and moving out. A small crowd (including me) has gathered around the 3Rensho. Scavengers waiting for the prey to weaken and contemplating whether to make a move. My resolve waivers. I offer $300 and a deal is consummated. Oh well, so much for going home with a pocket full of money. I did sell the old Alpine (non-Kelly variety) fixed gear I had brought along, so there is (was) an empty slot in the basement stand.

Let's see. Now I'm going to need some 3Rensho decals............

Wayne Bingham Bike rich but cash poor in Northern VA.

PS: I have a few pics I'll forward to Dale.