Re: [CR]Velox cloth tape names

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Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 20:38:07 -0800 (PST)
From: "Fred Rafael Rednor" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Velox cloth tape names
To:, Aldo Ross <>,
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So, I finally had an opportunuty to examine the cloth tape in my collection. I have "virgin" boxes of both Tressostar and Tressoplast. Unfortunately, I no longer have the boxes - nor any unmounted remnants - for the Guidoplast that I used last year. At least my recollection is that it's Guidoplast - in any event it's certainly not Tressostar nor Tressoplast although it was definitely mad in Eurpe. So any comments on this tape (whatever it is) are based on tape that is already mounted and well used.

Now, I wouldn't do this for just anyone but I've actually examined the tape with a jeweler's lupe (8x magnification). So comments about weave, edges and the like are based on really close examination in addition to "feel".

By the way, all of my samples are yellow! Here goes...

Tressoplast - .79" wide (i.e. 20mm); 2.82 yards per roll; more flexible than Tressostar (perhaps not quite as thick); finest edge; weave has "V" pattern with an unusual feature - i.e. the threads that go along the width of the tape are paired, so that when they cross over the lengthwise threads each individual "V" feels as if it is formed by little dots! It also appears that way to the _naked_ eye. When viewing under the lupe, it's clear there are not really any dots - only doubled threads going across. The box also says "Super Tresse" and includes an advertisement for Pastali tubular glue.

Tressostar - also .79" (20mm) wide; but only 2.78 yards per roll. Edge is not as fine as Tressoplast even though the weave appears tighter; weave has the customary "V" pattern without the "dots" found in Tressoplast. By the way, while the box is more traditional in appearance it also includes the phrase "Super Tresse" in addition to the Velox logo.

Guidoplast (?) or perhaps the Italian stuff that Performance used to sell - May not be quite as wide as the other tapes but this could be an artifact of being stretched during wrapping. Standard "V" pattern but the two legs of the each "V" are not identical; i.e. one side seems smoother than the other. Weave doesn't seem as tight as either of the above and the edge isn't quite as smooth.

And just for comparison: Cateye - 22mm wide; total length not printed on box; very loose weave and rough edges; weave does not follow the standard "V" pattern - instead it uses a simpler diagonal pattern. (Must not be keirin approved.)

I must admit that in persuing all this I learned quite a bit about cloth handlebar tape - perhaps a bit more than I really needed to know. Sheldon, I haven't spoken with Mel Pinto in several years. Would you mind letting him know that when the time is right I'm willing to stop by with my lupe and examine samples of handlebar tape?

Best regards,
Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia