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Subject: Re: [CR]Peugeot PX-10 gearing
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 06:12:11 -0800

My 1969 PX 10 had 45/52 and 14/15/17/19/21. Headbadge was foil; plastic was a mid 70's feature.
David feldman
Vancouver, WA

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Subject: [CR]Peugeot PX-10 gearing

> PX-10 fans:
> Can anyone advise me on what the "stock" gearing was on PX-10's in the 1975 -
> 1977 range? I'm building one up and have fitted a 52/45 Stronglight 93 crankset
> so a less than corncob freewheel would be best unless I restrict the use to
> relatively flat riding. RD is a Simplex 410 so it suppose it will be able to
> accomodate up to a 28 or so cog.
> Related matters:
> When did the plastic headbadges start showing up? My PR-10L has one but the PX-
> 10 has a sticker. Both the PR-10L and PX-10 frames have the newer style block
> lettering on the downtube transfer bounded by the French tricolor rings.
> Is anyone else having trouble opening the various PX-10 database pages (now
> only on the CR website)? I can't get to the decals or components pages (or
> links for that matter). Dale?
> Thanks,
> Charlie Young
> Honeybrook,
> PA