Re: [CR]Shimano 10 mm pitch track hub question???

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Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 13:22:36 +1200
From: "David Benson" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Shimano 10 mm pitch track hub question???
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>In a message dated 4/30/02 4:24:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> These Shimano track hubs are from a 10 millimeter
> pitch group. The hubs are threaded for a 10mm cog. A
> standard track cog will not fit so these hubs are
> useless to anyone that does not have a 10mm cog, chain
> and crank/chainring.
> Any body out there able to confirm or repute above??
> >>
>Funny thing, I was talking to a guy about these at the Cupertino swap last
>weekend. The chains are unique and unavailable. The cog thread is smaller
>than standard. I don't have pieces in hand to tell you this for sure, but
>your best option, if you had these (this is what I would do if it worked)
>would be make an adapter for the hub so it would fit a standard gear and
>Loctite it in place. There needs to be enough "space" available for this to
>work and I don't know if there is or not without seeing the piece. Your other
>choice is to look for nonexistent gears and chains. IF IT WILL WORK, the
>adapter is a way to go IF you get the hubs cheap enough.
>Stevan Thomas
>Alameda, CA
> Recently I saw a Shimano Dura-Ace 10 hub that had been converted exactly as you describe. Unfortunately the adapter had come loose from the hub. The adaptor would have to be extremely precise to avoid fluctuations in chain tension. In my time as T-Town lurker I saw a few bikes with Dura-Ace10, as late as 1996.

David Benson
Auckland, NZ