Re: [CR]Another plug for Ed/A Word About the Nice Colnago Repaint

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Subject: Re: [CR]Another plug for Ed/A Word About the Nice Colnago Repaint
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 00:54:01 EDT

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<< I had a phone call from one of my very good friends in the
   framebuilding/painting business. He happened to mention that the Colnago
   on eBay with the nice blue with white panel paintwork and proper period
   decals was done by him. He deserves another plug for doing a fine job
   and leaving the paint decal off. My friend in this case is Ed Litton
   from Point Richmond, CA. Ed is also mostly responsible for getting the
   Colnago "playing card" decal set reprinted which a few of us are anxious
   to have in hand. >> I have seen a LOT of Ed's paint work, brazing repairs and built frames (including the "curley stay" model). He has unusually exact attention to detail in how he goes about things, and his prices are quite reasonable. Dale hasn't yet listed his phone number (510) 237-1132 on the site. He'll be painting many of the Montelatici frames coming from Matteo. BTW, Montelatici was Campione del Mondo 1955, (amateur, road). Stevan Thomas Alameda, CA