Re: [CR]Looking to complete a project for V-R

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Subject: Re: [CR]Looking to complete a project for V-R
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 11:13:45 EDT

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<< Campagnolo crankset, dated 1976, <6>, in excellent condition, with or without chainrings.

Same period short reach brake calipers, nutted bolt, flat handled cam lever, also in excellent condition >>

Two questions regarding Campy brake calipers;

1) I thought the "flat" cam lever went away by 1974, True/False?

2) The short reach brake caliper did not come out till CPSC timeline, 1978? T/F

Has anybody have own/seen short caliper with flat cam lever?

These are also important facts for me to restore mid 70's high-end bike, please help us!

KEN TODA, High Point, NC. Still messing with '74 and '76 Raleigh Pro restorations.