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Subject: [CR]long ridden classics;Jean Brun
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 04:47:43 +0000

Hi Folks:
   Mark Bulgier noticed my story about my '64 Jean Brun well used road bike and suggested that I might clarify the background of this mysterious name.Why Not?
   Jean Brun himself had a professional racing career in Switzerland from the early to middle fifties,with a respectable palmares.By the late fifties,he set up in Geneva to be the Swiss equivalent of Ted Ernst pere et fils.(His son,a carbon copy,has taken over the business after Jean's premature death in 1995).The Bruns have been enthusiastic sponsors of young racers all these years.When I was a lad in Geneva,with my spiffy new Jean Brun road bike,I found Swiss guys in my neighborhood with the same bikes who were doing club racing.Within a couple of weeks,I had abandoned the International School set and was hanging with the locals,going to their swimming holes and zooming around the fields and foothills.
   Now the Brun business is still a hub of the club racing phenomenon,and there's an annual Jean Brun Memorial Road race course every year.The shop also supplies utility and sport bikes to people looking for that little bit extra:the shop motto is"le specialist du beau velo".
    The shop is still at 3 Place du Cirque,which is on the North corner of a park called Plain du Plainpalais where there's a flea market twice a week.Where to look for soulful old bikes.
    The Brun bikes are made by Cilo,but young Brun makes it perfectly clear that they are made for Brun by Cilo to Brun specs,not Cilos sold by Brun.
    'Nough Said,Seth Finkelstein,Santa Cruz