Re: [CR]Now:Maximizing Profits --Parting Out

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Subject: Re: [CR]Now:Maximizing Profits --Parting Out
From: Richard M Sachs <>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:52:31 -0400

you want an opinion? this was a private matter before you took information from an offlist email and turned it into a thread. had i wanted my purchases made into a list matter, i'd have sent my mail to it. as it stands, i am annoyed that this has become a public matter, mostly because you have told me offlist what <your> opinion about this is and if i outed your email and cut/pasted the language that you chose to use in telling me what <you'd> think of me if i either sold the bicycle OR parted it out, i would be booted from the list for including such language in a public forum. e-RICHIE chester, ct

snipped: Chuck Schmidt <> writes: And what about parting out a perfect Frejus that is 30 years old and unridden. The high point in my mind for Frejus was when Ferdi Kubler of Switzerland won the TdF in 1950 on a Frejus.

So by 1972 was a Frejus just chopped liver and not to be thought of as a big deal in 2002. Opinions? AND Exactly the question Richie asked me yesterday concerning a nos _unridden_ 1972 Frejus (top model) in perfect condition that he is selling. Part it out or sell as complete bike. Which would net maximum dollars he asked?