[CR]For Sale: Astro Daimler Vent Noir

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Thread-Topic: For Sale: Astro Daimler Vent Noir
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From: "Koepke, Mark" <mkoepke@uwsp.edu>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]For Sale: Astro Daimler Vent Noir
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 19:01:11 -0500

Hello, I have a bike I intended to restore, which room now dictates I sell. Restore is not really the right word, because it won't need much. This bike was bought be a would-be-racer who road it a couple of times and then hung it in the garage. It is original down to the ugly mandatory reflectors and the spoke protector. Even the brake hoods, bar tape and tires are original, but they need replacing due to age, not use. It has the classic Shimano Dura-Ace black group with drilled front rings. The frame is Reynolds 531 complete and the drop-outs are chromed, 23" size. The stem is a black GB and the bars are GB w/ a super engraved British scene. The gold Fiame rims show the only real sign of abuse, as the bike must have hit a big rock on an initial ride so the front one has a dent. They still run true though. The FW is a 14-24 Dura-Ace. The black Campy-copy pedals are MKS's best. The saddle is a Sella Italia. I need $425 boxed. Mark Koepke, Stevens Point, WI 54481