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Subject: Re: [CR]V R Group Rates: The Sad Story
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 14:31:23 -0400

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Subject: [CR]V R Group Rates: The Sad Story

Dear List, At Chuck's urging, I share my experience w/youse all. Please be nice to her ,as she is a very sweet lady. But be firm. Its not our fault their e-mail was down. Be aware however that there is some big football(U.S. style) game in town that weekend. Seems to be one reason for less availability. And DON'T tell her I said to call!!!! Whomever ths helps; beers on you. ciao, GianTindaro Pergolizzi N.Y.C. just back from 40 mi. in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

John Pergolizzi wrote:
> Chuck,
> Call and speek to Norma the front desk manager as I did yesterday to
> make my "late" arraingements. Turns out, hotel policy: the less rooms
> avail., the higher the price. Calif.economics 101. That s__t don't fly in
> N.Y.C.! She told me: "tell no one, $89.00 per night". Yes I schmoozed her
> alittle bit first, but thats my way. By the way ,Norma LOVES Broadway
> shows. Go grasshopper. Who knows? Ask.
> ciao,
> Pergolizzi

Please post this to the list. Tell the list which B-way shows Norma likes ;)


> Said to say, I was not able to arrange group rates at the Courtyard
> Marriott in Old Town Pasadena as planned.
> The first time around I was told it was arranged for rooms at $79 per
> night but when people phoned they were told nothing was arranged!?!?
> The second time around I was told a contract was being emailed the 10th
> of this month, but I didn't actually receive one till this Tuesday, the
> 17th ("sorry but our email was down the last week") and with the
> deadline still the 20th that left two and one half days to fill the
> rooms or face a $3600 penalty. "So you're saying you can't help me out
> here??? Yes, well we are very sorry but our email was down the past week."
> They said that rooms that weekend will be $114 plus tax because of other
> events in town.
> It still is a very nice hotel and it is in the center of everything but
> if you'd like to see what else is available, here is the web site for
> other motels and hotels in the area:
> Chuck Schmidt
> (Velo Rendezvous info)



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