Re: [CR]Lambert, more

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Subject: Re: [CR]Lambert, more
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 12:16:40 EDT

Yeap, Dale and all,

I have 71-72 ish(?) Lambert, medium Blue like C-R site. It came with "triple" chain ring set and looks "TA" set. The stem was totally stuck in head tube, so we (I and CDO=my LBS guys) worked on it. We had to disassemble the famous "Death Fork".

We saw pretty impressive British engneering ideas/designs. Also, main frame is very light and feels as good as R-531 DB tubes!

I tried to take photos of the death fork as a part of History in Light Weight Bike development, and e-mail to C-R site.

Have a great day!

KEN TODA, rain in High Point, NC