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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 23:25:13 -0500

Hi Dave,

It is fair to say that my Marinoni is a "hybrid" which may explain the "R" (for Raleigh?) on the BB. The frame was a custom construction in 1983 for Huffy/Raleigh USA by Marinoni using the Raleigh custom lugs, BB, and Campy dropouts, but using Columbus tubing, not Reynolds 531.

The strange thing was that Marianne Berglund raced the frame during the 1984 season marked as a "Raleigh 531" frame where she won the World Championship. Huffy tried to advertise the Championship wins as "531 wins again!". Actually, the frame was constructed with Columbus SL tubing according to Marinoni records.

This mix of frame tubing and parts was unknown at the time even to 1983-85 Raleigh Team USA Manager Mike Fatka. It seems that Huffy franchised the Raleigh name to the USA and contracted with Marinoni to construct the Team USA frames using Raleigh lugs etc. without keeping Mike informed. Apparently Huffy didnt care that Columbus tubing was used instead of 531... If Huffy mixed frame parts like they mixed component groups for low end bikes, no wonder they got out of the high-end bicycle business!

Regards, Steve Neago
Cincinnati, OH

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> I'm surprised by the "R", most of the Marinonis I've seen that have a cutout
> BB have an M cutout. Of the 5 Marinoni frames I have in the basement:
> '76 has no BB cutout (this one has great fastback stays and nicely thinned
> lugs but no identifiers cut into the frame anywhere, I believe it to
> actually have been built in the first year, '75, but it's built with a '76
> Campy group.)
> '76 Special has 2 slots across the width cutout of the BB (this one has a
> maple leaf in the head/downtube lug, and a maple leaf an MARINONI in the
> fork crown)
> '78 Special has an M cutout (and Fleur de Lys in the head/downtube lug and
> the fork crown as well as QUEBEC in the crown)
> '93 Special has a small hole in the BB (and an M in the head/downtube lug)
> '94 Special has an M cutout in the BB (and M's in the head/downtube lug as
> well as the fork crown, and Marinoni on the seatstay caps)
> David Bilenkey
> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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> with NR/SR
> Another question came to mind... there is a a big "R"" cut into the
> Marinoni BB which I am told is a identifying marque for Marinoni. Are there
> basic guidelines for identifying a frame manufacturer based on the BB
> cutout? What are some of the identifying BB marks for Masi, Colnage, etc.?
> Regards, Steve Neago
> "Gearing up for the Spring season in Cincinnati, OH"