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Paul Dieterle, ex-'Turin/Kozy's' wrench (& NU Student) from the late '60s-early 70s 'BOOM' days still usually on Steel and sans indexing Greater Chicago (Evanston) USA wrote:
>I couldn't agree more. In my youth, I rode for the attention of the lasses,
>and the fenderless racer boy ethos. Now in my 50th year, the Brittany gal's
>look through my plastic fenders, mismatched colored tights, and jersey's
>(deemed by my spouse as "too young for a senior, fat old man...") as I'm
>invisible to the young lasses, and scorned by the racer boys when on my old
>heavy steely bikes (and gear)... I remain drafting anything that moves if
>they allow, or just pushing myself down that dark 'lonesome highway'... in
>pre-dawn morn's or after work on the salty roads hereabouts.

Paul, any idea what ever became of Rob Myers? I worked in his shop on Chicago as an apprentice for a few weeks in 1974, that's when I built my own frame (and did a LOT of sandblasting eccch!) At the time I was interested in setting up as a frame builder, but thanks to Rob I had the opportunity to find out what hard, unprofitable work it is without having to tie up a lot of money in the experiment!

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