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Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 12:17:20 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]snubbed by the experts

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<< I have a list member friend. He was recently trying to fine a frame decal for a frame set. He e-mailed around, and he called around only to find that no decal supplier would supply a decal without conditions. They obviously had the decal but would not part with one. Why? I call it the "I have got mine" syndrome. These people had the decals, but would not part with them unless my friend refinished the entire frame. How about $500 for a decal? It is always their choice as sellers, but it sets a tone for the CR community that, in my humble opinion...stinks. >>

Sorry, couldn't disagree more. How does the decal supplier know that the decal isn't being used on the right frame? Sad to say, misrepresentation is rife in cycling, and I don't mean the obvious ones like Cinelli decals on Winsors. Plus, who are you to determine how a person uses his property? My decals go only to painters that I can trust. If one of those painters started spreading decals around (not necessarily my own) I'd sure have second thoughts about them. And it doesn't stink. What stinks is that you feel that you have some sort of right to another's property because you belong to a "community." You don't. Phil Brown A little testy after today's F1 race and going out to build a bike in NoHo, Ca