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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: snubbed by the experts
Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 12:18:51 -0400

On another note, I have experienced a member of the CR communitiy who has bid on some of my auctions, present and past who has stuck me in the past and I am awaiting the present to unfold. How is someone supposed to go about following the list watching this person take part on occasion knowing that his ethics basically suck. I also know that this individual has stuck other CR listees. Just curious as to How to handle this situation? Any suggestions?

Walter Skrzypek
Falls Creek, Pa

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From: "Mark A. Perkins"
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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: snubbed by the experts

> Members:
> In reference to my post a few days ago regarding a few so called "expert"
> members of this group who have repeatedly refused to respond to my
> inquiries. I have had a few of the members of this group inquire as to
> whom the two members which I had mainly referred to actually are. So far
> I have declined to reveal their identities, in hopes that these persons
> would at least contact me in an effort to clear things up and at least
> tell me why I have been snubbed. I have also told those who seemed to be
> concerned, a few names of people that are not the offenders, including
> themselves, since they were decent enough to be concerned that they might
> have been the offenders. I left enough hints in my initial message, that
> these two individuals should know who they are. Then I received the
> following quote from one of the better (IMHO) members of the list:
> "If you're good to someone they'll tell a friend, if you do them wrong
> they'll tell everybody."
> As I said, I have so far declined to reveal their identities, but the
> more time I have to think about the situation, the more I think these
> individuals should probably be revealed so that others don't make the
> same mistake I did by expecting these two to be decent, honest, and
> respectable CR members (someone said this is a family?), and businessmen.
> I really would like to get to know both persons, and I have absolutely no
> idea why neither of them will return my messages, which BTW, except for a
> compliment delivered to one last week, I have stopped trying to get any
> response from (that's a hint for one of you). This is mainly why I have,
> so far, declined to reveal their identities. So, I put it to the members
> of this 'family' of fine classic lightweight bicycle enthusiasts. What
> do you think? Should I tell, or remain silent?
> These are members whom I believe to be prominent members of this list,
> and prior to being snubbed, I had great respect for. In revealing their
> identities I realize that it could be harmful to the way they are
> percieved by other members, and could also have an effect on their
> businesses. I guarantee most of you will be surprised who they are, and
> some will probably not believe me. But I have always tried my absolute
> best to be honest with all people, even those who don't deserve it, and I
> wouldn't make this up for any reason. So, if the members say reveal your
> identities, I will. And if your conscience, if you have one, says you
> should contact me, and at least tell me what your 'beef' is with me, and
> you do so. I will remain silent. Otherwise, I will take my business and
> my money elsewhere.
> Members, if you have something to say regarding this situation, please
> contact me off list. I will respond to all who respond to me.
> "Bicycle Mark" Perkins
> Fresno Cycling Club - Historian
> Fresno, California, U.S.A.