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From: "Jim Merz" <jimmerz@qwest.net>
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Subject: FW: [CR]Avocet Parts Questions
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 15:55:09 -0700

Avocet did sell headsets. They advertised them way before the parts were ready, so almost everyone gave up on them before they came in. I did get a few sets, I had to really fight to get them. They were very different in that the bearings were large rollers, something like 5mm diameter and 5mm long. This type bearing is used for CNC milling machine ways, very strong and precise. The lower cup pressed into the frame and onto the fork, so it was hard to get the fork out. Top bearing had a taper seat on the nut, the bearing stayed on the frame. I think they cost way more than they could be sold for, so Avocet never sold many. I have only the upper bearing left, and have never seen any more.

I never liked the hubs, alloy used was very soft. They did make a BB, it was made in the USA. Very big hype, they claimed the strength was better than Campy. Overall, the parts were not that great in my opinion.

Jim Merz Bainbridge Is. WA

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The Monkeyman wrote:
>>>>OK, I just won a NOS pair of Avocet hubs with the box on Ebay for $20 < http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1858615560>. I never expected winning the hubs, but I was the only bidder. What's up with that? Sure they're not Weyless, but they're quite nice hubs. Anyway, I've always liked their stuff. As I remember they made seats, seatposts, hubs, cranks. . .was there anything else? I know the stuff was contracted out, so who actually built their stuff?<<<<

I have the same NOS rear hub (in a similar box intended for a pair, but the front is missing) that was given to me by a friend a few years ago. The hub is actually quite nice. If it were a pair, I probably would have done something with it by now. Anyone have a front lying around they'd give up? Or does someone need the rear I have? Mine is unhappy and needs a mate. I think you got a heck of a deal on those, Mr. Monk!

I'm not sure who made the hubs, but I'm fairly certain that Ofmega made the cranksets, and a lot of the stuff was anodized in colors. I have a blue Avocet track crank on my fixed-gear, and a red one still in the box. Also have a seat post in the box, and agree that the stuff is all pretty nice.

Wasn't someone trying to build a bike with a complete Avocet "group" a while back? Was the you, Joe B-Z? So far, we've identified seat post, hubs, crank, BB, pedals and clips, and I seem to remember headsets as well. Don't ever recall derailleurs, but since Ofmega made those too, who knows?

Wayne Bingham
Falls Church VA