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The primary actual use for vertical dropouts is on frames that are fitted with fenders. So technically the are for touring bikes.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

> What exactly is the attraction to vertical rear dropouts? Not just on
> these otherwise somewhat traditional lugged steel frames, but on bikes
> in general? The only thing I can think of is faster wheel changes? Yeah,
> that's what I'm worried about!?
> Richard (likes mine horizontal) Rose
> Toledo, Ohio
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> All:
> I'm intrigued by these currently available lugged steel framesets. The
> Cinelli and Ciocc appear to be very nearly identical (OK, the tubing
> isn't) to frames produced during the latter part of the era we venerate
> while the Gios is a compact but still constructed with lugs.
> So, who is making these and how do they compare to their predecessors?
> Rick "I checked with Dale first" Chasteen, Kansas City
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