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Subject: [CR]Follis 172 wheels
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 17:32:16 -0500

Anyone know what size the original wheels were on the early 70's Follis 172's? For those not familiar, the 172 was a 531 DB main tube, French-equipped model, much like the Peugeot PR-10 or other French "club racer" models. I have a circa 1973 one with numerous little paint scratches and chips, but original decals, probably too good to repaint, but no showpiece, that I intend to use as a commuter. It came with 27" clinchers, the front, maybe original, on a Normandy Sport hub, the back, obviously nonoriginal, on a Japanese hub. I've fitted it with SKS mudguards and Conti 27 - 1 1/4 tires (actually 30 mm wide), but with these, rear wheel removal is very difficult, usually involving removing the QR skewer so the rear axle can clear the dropout and RD. I'm wondering if maybe this model originally came with 700C sewups, and though 27" works OK with narrow tires and no mudguards, wasn't really designed with 27" wheels in mind. Anyone ever buy one new or with what were certainly original wheels? I'm thinking I might be better off to fit 700C clinchers for commuting, to ease changing rear tires (inevitably in a driving rain). This suggests a broader question about late 60's/ early 70's French bikes in general. At that time, 700C clinchers were unknown in the US, and European and British lightweights were sold here with either 700C sewups or 27" clinchers, but I'm not at all sure the French bikes were ever designed for 27" wheels. They may rather have been designed for 700C wheels, and simply took advantage of the ample frame clearance of that era to slap on 27" wheels for the US market. Anyone know what wheels the Peugeot UO-8's sold in France in the early 70's had? Were 700C clinchers already in use there? I would think the UO-8 was too low-end for sewups, and that the 650B's used on French pure touring bikes and tandems were too small. Of course the UO-8 I bought in Cleveland in 1972 (my first lightweight) had 27" wheels for the US market.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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Note the disclaimer at the end for North Americans.

Rick Chasteen, Kansas City

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> On 09 Sep, Rick Chasteen <rchasteen@kc.rr.com> wrote:
> > Chris:
> > Would you please email me a price list? That page is currently
> > unavailable on your web site.
> Dear Rick,
> Yes, I'm sorry about that - this year has been hectic and the website
> remains incomplete.
> The information I think you require follows...
> Please note that we are closing down from 13 to 30 September for our
> annual holiday.
> Best wishes,
> Chris Bell.
> EGGring prices (round or oval)
> ------------------------------
> 17 to 29 teeth £39.50
> 30 to 39 teeth £49.50
> 40 to 54 teeth £59.50
> 55 to 67 teeth £74.50
> 68 to 110 teeth £200.00
> + £12.00 for black powder-coat or hand-polished finish
> + £20.00 for custom engraving (eg. your name)
> + carriage (£3.00 UK, £7.00 Europe, £15.00 World)
> Note that '£' means 'UK pounds'. The banks will take care of any
> currency conversions if you pay by plastic card.
> Placing your order
> ------------------
> You may post, phone, fax or email your order.
> Phoned and faxed orders can only be taken during UK office hours
> (0900-1800 hrs, Mon-Fri). Our number is 01570 470035 from within
> the UK, or +44 1570 470035 from overseas.
> Payment
> -------
> Please enclose payment with your order.
> We accept cheques and postal orders in UK pounds.
> We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch and Solo cards. We can, of course, supply our bank account details if you prefer to pay
> by bank transfer.
> Terms and Conditions for North American customers
> -------------------------------------------------
> We regret that all customers ordering goods from the USA or Canada are
> asked to sign and return the following declaration (or a copy). It can
> be posted, faxed or scanned and sent as an email attachment.
> These terms and conditions are a result of the prohibitive fees charged
> by insurance companies offering product and public liability insurance in
> North America.
> Declaration:
> 1. The Customer indemnifies Highpath Engineering, including its
> partners and employees, against any claim arising from the manufacture
> and/or supply of any goods, howsoever caused.
> 2. Any description or illustration contained in Highpath Engineering's
> catalogs, literature, website, advertisements or correspondence is
> intended as a guide only and shall not be treated as a representation
> or a term or condition of supply.
> 3. The sole and only guarantee given is to replace any item
> specifically manufactured by Highpath Engineering which proves
> defective in materials or manufacture within 12 months of the invoice
> date, normal wear and tear being excluded.
> 4. These Terms and Conditions override any other terms and conditions
> which may be shown elsewhere.
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> Cornant, Cribyn, Llanbedr-PS, SA48 7QW, UK
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