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Subject: [CR]re: Trike curiosity questions
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 10:34:29 -0400

Brian Baylis and Paul Patzkowsky have fessed up to have trikes, there's likely a few more. Check out the Tricycle Association group in England, http://www.tricycle-association.org.uk/ who state, "Although it may seem strange, the Tricycle Association is the only association of its kind in the World. We have twelve overseas members, but in general tricycling as a sport is confined to the UK."

Sounds like the "mad dogs and Englishmen" syndrome... ;^)

Roy "mad dog category" Drinkwater Lititz "rain like England today", PA

Mark Cutrufelli sez:
>Thank you for pointing out these items.The trike is the thing that really got
>me curious. I was wondering why they made racing trikes. Do other companies
>make them? You would think that they would be much slower because of the
>third wheel. I admit that a highwheel looks too scary for me.But slower or
>faster, the racing trike looks interesting enough- I would certainly try one
>if I got the chance. Do any listmembers own one or have any experiences
>they could relate in trying or regularly riding one? Do they have separate
>races for these trikes?I can see one advantage to people who have trouble
>extricating their feet from clips-no fear of falling.