RE: [CR]Raleigh International

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Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 23:20:17 -0400
Subject: RE: [CR]Raleigh International

Well...the International first appeared in a Raleigh catalog in 1970 (FWIW!)and appeared to be an upgrade of the 1969 Competiton but with mostly Campy instead of Zeus/Simples parts. They both were green with chrome fork ends, chrown, Nervex head lugs, and two chrome bands on the seat tube. The 50's and early 60's Carlton Internationals that I have seen have spectacular fancy chrome lugs ala Hetchins and seem to be much more elaborate machines. It would be interesting to know if Carlton had a simpler International in the late 60's which became the 1970 Raleigh International.

Paul Raley 3 Internationals of the simplier variety in Leonardtown MD wrote:
>Does anyone know when Raleigh started making the International?  I know they
>date from at least the late-60's but could they have started earlier by
>Raleigh?  I was always convinced that their genesis was from Carlton (Worksop) and
>after the takeover by Raleigh in (1960?) it was simply re-badged.  Can anyone
>confirm sightings of early-60's Int'ls?
>Jack Romans
>Sacramento, CA