[CR]Trexlertown Swap report

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From: "Tom Hayes" <hayesbikes@nls.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 14:34:44 -0500
Subject: [CR]Trexlertown Swap report

Attended yesterday's Trexlertown Swap meet. The weather held pleasant but overcast, and it became to rain toward the end of my stay. Compared to last year's, however, yesterday's weather was outright balmy.

This year I introduced new CR member, Dan Polito, to his first swap meet. He stated that he thought it was fun and interesting, which probably means he is toward the darker depths of bike goofdom. He also learned not to trust my opinion on prices: there was a neat Benetto track bike that Steve Maasland had there which Dan wanted. I advised him it would be too expensive, without checking with Steve first. It sold for what Dan wanted to pay for it. Apologies to both Dan and Steve.

Perhaps it was my imagination, or senility--I did afterall come up and greet someone whom I thought was Harvey Sachs (Harvey, you have quit sending doubles of yourself to meets, and not showing up yourself)--but I thought there was far more vintage stuff at this swap than last year's. Curtis Anthony had plenty (and he scored a neat Bianchi city bike from Jamie Swann who also had plenty of vintage stuff), and there were a number of others who had vintage stuff. A couple of track Paramounts, a neat Celo Europe track bike, someone was wheeling around a nifty Holdsworth he had just purchased, lots of vintage Campagnolo, Stronglight, Huret, and that kind.

I snared some small things, but was happy to pick up late sixties (maybe seventies) Frejus track bike that I had purchased sometime in July, which Roy Drinkwater had been holding for me and brought. (Thank you, Roy.) I had it out today for afternoon spin and it is a fun ride, though, as Roy advised, I must do something about the gearing.

The trip, especially this time of year when Pennsylvania is beginning to show its fall colors in splendor, for me was well worth it. Had fun, saw folks I hadn't send since Cirque, and I think based on this experience, I will certainly more seriously consider attending the spring swap as opposed to last year's fall experience.


Tom Hayes
Chagrin Falls, Ohio