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Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 10:05:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Fred Rafael Rednor <>
Subject: Re: [CR]toeclip bolts
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(Note to Dale: This is my last missive on this important and previously unexplored topic.)

All the points in all the emails on this subject are well taken but to belabor the point just one more time...

If your bicycle had Campagnolo pedals with steel cages and 1) You rode it in the rain for significant distances, or 2) You toured on it and parked it next to your tent in places like Zandvoort or some camp ground on the eastern end of Long Island, NY or some place like Weymouth on the English Channel the pedal cages and the associated bolts might very well rust. Occasionally, backing out the rusted bolt from a rusted cage actually strips the threading.

That's my experience, anyway. Note that (in my expereince, anyway) the insides of the pedal cages were not as well plated as the outside surfaces. There are also special cases involving track pedals and asymetrical spacers under the toe clips but that's another story!
     Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia

--- Tom Dalton wrote:

> They were intended to attach the toeclips to the pedals.
> Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <> wrote:I
> think the screws and nuts that came with Christophe clips
> were primarily intended not for stripped Campy pedals, but
> for Lyotard and other French pedals which until the 80's
> typically didn't have threaded mounting holes.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Tom Dalton <> wrote:
> I've never seen a Record pedal with a stripped toeclip
> attaching thread.
> Greg Parker
> Ann Arbor, Michigan
> Geeez, I know I've seen this problem at least once. It comes
> from using the crappy out-of-spec screws that come with the
> clips instead of the nice screws that come with the pedals
> ;-)
> Ahem... but seriously, I think it's pretty remarkable how
> rarely the threads in Campy pedal cages fail given how often
> you see failure of front derailleur cable clamps which engage
> just about the same threaded depth. That's not to mention how
> often you see thread failures on other brands of pedals. In
> any case, if you strip a Campy pedal cage, you're probably
> using a bad bolt or way too much torque. One problem that's
> not unheard of with 5 x .8 fastener failure is people
> inadventently using SAE 5-32 fasteners, which look very much
> the same. A correllary is all the early Cannondale frames
> with stripped bottle bosses because Cannondale, before the
> wised up, used 5-32 rivnuts for the bosses. Anyone who used
> any screw normally found in a bike shop, say the ones that
> come with a bottle cage, rather than those that came with teh
> frame, was in for a problem.
> Tom Dalton
> Bethlehem, PA
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