[CR]Velo Rendezvous '04

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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 22:58:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: dave martinez <dmart84815@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Velo Rendezvous '04

Hello All,

We didnt arrive until 11:00 pm Friday nite, having left Fremont at 6pm--- it was big chainring time in Suburban all the way to Pasadena. Had a great midnite dinner at the local Cheese Cake factory, seems Pasadena is town that never sleeps, with the Little old Lady and all.

8am arrived quickly as I prepped for the Sat. ride. Decision time: shall I play it safe and ride the Cinelli Mod B with clinchers, or be brave and ride the 1958 Cinelli Riviera with the esoteric Simplex TdF rear der. and Competitiion ft.changer with sew-ups and a 4spd cluster with half-step gearing? As Dylan said, "Dont think twice, its alright".

I caught up with Gianni Pergolizzi and we rode out to the meeting place. It was so cool and nostalgic seeing all the old bikes and wool jersies. The spirit of the group was contagous, it really reminded me of the old days, riding with my club.

Trouble struck when we were doing a somewhat technical descent. I reached down to move the handle of the Simplex Competition, which would move the cage and allow the chain to climb into the big chainring... a maneuvuer that I have done many times. The cage suddenly struck the crankarm and became lodged between the chainring and crankarm - effectively seizing the crank! I coasted to a stop and bent the cage back into shape, I remounted, and was able to catch the group. Oh well! My Ferdi Kubler fantasy was shattered.

After the ride, the group met for lunch and History Symposium. Things looked pretty exciting, with rare Colnagos on display, a tricked out Peter Johnson track bike and lots of cycling artifacts. Ah... but Disneyland calls. After we ate the sandwhiches, I kept my end of the bargin and took the family to Disneyland.

The quality of bikes on display at Sundays show was simply mind boggling. From the Cinelli SC and Peter Johnson Maximus bikes to the shimmering artdecco Carminargent. No where else will you see the likes of an AD Stump sharing the same space with a beautiful Gloria from the 30s. Wizards and Sliverlights, Pog track tandem and a lovely naked Roberson frame. So much to see and so many kind, like minded people.

Thanks Chuck!

Dave, Linda, Chris and Ryan Martinez