Re: [CR]Interbike 2004

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Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 03:58:56 -0400
From: Peter Jon White <>
To: Jan Johnson <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Interbike 2004
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Jan Johnson wrote:

Saw a few CR listees, in spite of missing the Krispy Kreme
> breakfast meeting on Thursday

Yeah, I was a bit pooped Thursday morning, after having dinner with Bill Laine, Sheldon and several venders; Gilles Berthoud and David Chadwick from Carradice. Bill led us all on an after dinner death march Wednesday night to see the Rachmaninoff light show at Bellagio. Sheldon and I were so trashed we had to take a cab back to our hotels. I dragged my sorry butt into the Sands Thursday morning around 10:30.

Maybe I should have skipped the second martini?


So, sorry I missed the donuts, and the gang. I think I'll start training for next year's show around February. I need to raise my miles per martini rating.

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