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From: "Joe Bell" <joebell@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 10:25:01 -0700
Subject: [CR]VR4

This is a little late, but I've been thrashing all week. VR4 was great. I was only able to make the show on Sunday, but I'll take it. Some highlights (for me anyway):

* Gettting to drive my wife's family van up to Pasadena instead of my ghetto truck. * Dragging Rob Roberson out of his cave to display some of his work and snag some long overdue acclaim. * The unsurpassable October Pasadena weather. * Seeing Bruce Gordon in attendance, happy and smiling. His reputation as a curmudgeon is a smoke screen. He really likes people. Some people say that we are brothers separated at birth or have the same mother and different fathers; take your pick. Cool frames, too. * Meeting Ed Litton's family. Nice wife, beautiful children. He's a lucky guy. * Paulie Davis' small parts collection. * Chuck buying a six pack of Heineken just for me! Wow! Let the good times roll! * Seeing Baylis in his element, among all these classic lightweights and the people who love them. He truly cannot get enough of this stuff. (BB, I love ya like a brother, so I can tell you this.....Leave your work shirt at home! Dress like the star that you are!) * Maurice Bresnahan's Campagnolo winged QR tattoo. Now that's commitment! * Charles Andrews' Gloria * Charles Andrews' Carmen * Perrrrrgggoooolliiiiizzzziiiiiiiii.......I'll treasure my Madonna Del Ghisallo protector badge forever. Thanks, Man!! * The Peugeot Guy * The new framebuilder kid on the block, Jim Valiensi. You surprised me with your workmanship, Jim; you couldn't hide it under that baby dump brown paint job. * As always, the irrepressible Matty Gorski. Someday we'll go on a road trip and tear up the circuit; Start getting ready now! * Picking up a '78 Colnago Super frame and fork for a hun-fitty. Thanks, Dennis! * Jay Van de Velde's Baines Flying Gate....Love that Rose bass boat flake paint job with the cool white pinstripes. * Meeting Ruth Alvarado and Mike Tatum. Ruth is an excellent painter; Cyclart is fortunate to have her. * P&J Johnson...These two live, eat,sleep and breathe classic bikes. They should write a book. * Aaron Lipstadt winning best restoration prize. I think he'd rather have that than an emmy. He was walking on air when he left. * Brian Ignatin's home vinted wine. You've got the touch, Brian. We missed you this year, but we're glad you sent the hooch in your place. * A lotta great people whose names I can't remember....A few that I can are: Carl Polizzi, Leonard Read, Duane Kennard, Richard Bulis, Bob Freitas, Dave Ductor, Andrew Gillis, Jack Bissell, Scott Smith, Corey Blechman, Patrick Brady, Lorraine Daly, John Morrison, Dave Martinez, Fritz D from Vancouver........that's all I can pull out of my head right now. * Big Thanks again to Chuck and Sherry for hosting the event. It's a treat that I look forward to every year. I hope we didn't bust the place up too bad and the Rose Bowl people will let us back in next year.

Joe Bell
San Diego