[CR]General note. Late replys and so on, Cyclus tooling

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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 11:39:44 +0200
From: renaissance-cycles <info@renaissance-cycles.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]General note. Late replys and so on, Cyclus tooling

Hi All!

Just want to let the list know, roughly 2 weeks ago I blew out my back. Some days I'm able to live with it and others, not so good! But I'm still pushing on........Standing and trying to get some work out, 20 minutes here and there and back to the stool for a rest. So to say, this has added to our delays. For now it's feeling a little bit better so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. As soon as it feels to where I can fly I'll be off to San Francisco for a little bit of neddle treatment. I'll let the list know of this trip..............Of course if it happens?...If so maybe a few of us could hook up for eats..Lunch, dinner or other.....For sure to the bar for a round of drinks. Maybe it was from packing all of these CR Cyclus tool orders, thanks.

Cyclus tooling:

Cyclus tooling will not be seeing any type of hard stamping, country of orgin. They say it will raise the price 25%? They want to keep Cyclus tooling at their present price points. Not good so we'll keep on going as we have in the past, grey market. I also heard that a '' Performance cycle products '' of New York was showing the tools at interbike..We'll they'll be in for a load if Park tooling decides to start their howling about the coutry or orgin. U.S customs is very hard on this point. We have been dealing with these issues for well over 6 years and Cyclus has yet to budge...Cyclus said we can do after maket stamping or engraving ourselves?? We'll be looking into this??

Catch you all on the rebound,

BC Baron C....................And the gang!! Renaissance cycles, Eindhoven Holland.