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Subject: [CR]New member bio - Michael Davies

> Hi all...I've been following the list for about a week
> now since I stumbled on it and signed up, so thought
> I'd introduce myself.
> I currently live in the central USA...St Louis,
> although I grew up in the UK. I grew up around
> cycling, both my parents were (and still are) avid
> cyclists, and I spent many weekends as a youth handing
> out feed bottles at Severn Road Club (Bristol, UK)
> time trials. My first road bike was a WW2 era Claud
> Butler, which I rode for many years before handing it
> off to my younger brothers. After that I graduated to
> what I remember as a very short wheelbase Peugeot,
> probably 1960's vintage. I finally sold this in the
> late 1970's as I temporarily lost interest in cycling.
> I recently retrieved the Claud Butler from my parents
> basement with an eye to restoring it, hence my
> interest in this list. I've also regained possession
> of several other bikes I've owned in the past,
> including a 1950's Viking, which is currently my fixed
> gear ride, and what I think is a Carlton of
> indeterminate age. I do have lots of questions on both
> the Claud Butler and Carlton which I'll ask in a
> separate post.
> My current rides (besides the fg Viking, which I'm
> still getting accustomed to) are an Ultegra equipped
> 1987 Raleigh Technium with 7-speed SIS, and an Ultegra
> equipped 1992 Trek 1500 with 8-speed STI. I understand
> both of these are outside the scope of this list, so I
> won't say any more about them.
> I've receieved quite a bit of good advice and wisdom
> from list members already, and look forward to
> continuing this, with the hope that ultimately I'll be
> able to offer like in return. Through my parents (both
> in their mid-70's) I have access to their main rides,
> a 1951 Flying Scot Continental Supreme, and a similar
> vintage Westland road bike. While the Westland is
> probably far too big a bike for me, I must confess
> that I do covet the Flying Scot; it's both the right
> size for me, and holds a special place in my heart as
> I spent my early childhood being carted around by it
> in a special sidecar that my mother were
> beyond our means in those days and people went
> everywhere by bike.
> Michael Davies
> St Louis