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Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 16:07:05 EDT
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I worked for a volume TREK dealer when these were very common. On properly tensioned wheels we had few problems with these. I built up a number of sets myself and had zero problems.

I used a 36 hole set on a C&O canal towpath tow and a ride along skyline drive and the Blue ridge parkway with 80 Lb. of gear and 700x32 tires. I had enough weight to pull a dropout eye off but the rims lasted a long time; with good ole Phil Wood hubs.

I never saw much problem with denting though these narrow rims sort of encouraged the 700x18 mm tire crowd to use them. I don't know if they were softer than other rims of the era but holes and skinny tires dent anything pretty easy.

That's my experience but I know Peter is from the Boston area and tram tracks are common and I once fell into a pothole up there and nearly starved before I hit the bottom. But, that's another story.........

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> Anyone know what Rigida 13-20's weigh? What else does anyone know about
> them? My memory is that they were lighter than ModE's, but softer, and more
> easily damaged.

I don't know the weight. But they were extremely easy to dent. Not a

good rim.


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