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<< Fair. I have only built a couple of sets of spokes with them and it was a

number of years ago. The single butted spokes with the heavier guage at the

hub are a good idea I suppose. The threading is not as good as DT or top

Japanese spokes. So they bind a little more than necessary when you are

building the wheel. No breakages but I don't know if I ride any one set of

wheels enough to evaluate the endurance of spokes anymore.

Joe Bender-Zanoni

Great Notch, NJ >>

Hello Duane,

My experience differs from Joe a good bit. Our shop experience seems to conclude they build and last as well or better than DT and that is saying something. We have be using them for about 4 years and I'm not sure we have ever had a spoke breakage on anyone's wheel.

On the threading thing; never, I repeat never a problem threading, again equal to or superior to DT.

Two things on the threading. One: Sapim makes a special nipple that binds to keep spokes from rattling loose in use. Maybe those were supplied by accident.

Two: It is possible in some circumstances especially between brands to thread a 15 g spoke nipple onto a 14 gauge spoke; serious binding results but it can be done. They look alike to me.

Your results may vary,

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