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Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 15:50:58 -0400
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Have you seen the cost of diesel lately? There's your partial answer.

Peter Koskinen

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The other day I took my daugther's bike up to our UPS pickup to ship it and it was going to costs around $100 to CA. The most it has ever costs was $37 to the left coast. The gal, who has shipped many bikes and frames for me, said UPS had a rate increase. I could go with that, however this would be more than just a rate increase. She did say that if I reduced the size of the box by 3 inches it would go down to $80. Anyone else out there had similar experiences? this concerns me as I have several frames on ebay and will be listing more with a chance of a bike or two as well. Would hate to mislead a bidder on shipping costs.

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