[CR]WAS Re: Campagnolo SR 39T chainring? Now something bigger maybe

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Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 19:04:40 -0700
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Subject: [CR]WAS Re: Campagnolo SR 39T chainring? Now something bigger maybe

   The possibility of 39t chainring for Campy NR/SR? I also used to own one of the legendary Campy 41t rings and it bounced a bit on the spider arm bolts. I am no math major but if the ratio of the circumference to diameter of a circle is, what 3.14? and we reduce the circumference by 1" (for two teeth at 1/2" pitch, that's close enough) the diameter is now reduced by 1/3.14 or .318 inches. Further dividing by 2 to get the radius yields .159" or about 5/32" closer in. Hmmm, hard to believe there's that much room. Besides, somebody hereabouts would have seen one as well. Kudos, Dale for trying to reign in this guy, but as others told me, complaining to Ebay gets you.... nowhere.
    Sometimes I fantasize about a CR seal of approval, a real, legal trademark if you will, that could be used with license by reputable sellers ( ahem, I hope to qualify ) and sanctioned by...Dale? I dunno, but maybe it could come to mean something if sellers were allowed to place said logo in their adverts and auctions.
    Like the old "Good Housekeeping seal of approval". Only now it the "Good Cycle Merchant seal" or something far more clever. I would even PAY a small annual fee, and I know Dale could put the money to use.
    Thanks, Richard Bulissimo, Verdi, Nevada. and next May...(perhaps) Riccione? Matteo want come over and ride?