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Subject: RE: [CR]80's Nishiki Track bike photo link
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 12:23:49 -0700
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Late 80's, or early 90's time trial-er, funny bike style. Off topic, I know, but just for clarification. Value would likely be $200 plus or minus $50. An interesting bike...probably not a lot of collector value. Ride it!

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On 24 Oct 2004 at 18:30, Amanda Walker wrote:
> Ok, this appears to be a 24" (sorry, couldn't find the cm tape and I am too
> lazy to convert it) CtoC with a top tube of 23 1/2". All Shimano 105's with
> Biopace rings. See the photos and tell me what you think I should start
> this auction is NOS with only a few small scratches from storage,
> would recommend new tires/tubes and a good once over by a good bike person
> before you rode has been sitting for YEARS. Any input is helpful!
> Thanks!
> Amanda Walker
> Seale, AL
> The photos are on this the bottom below all the horses!

I just now looked at your photos, after sending my previous reply. Your bike is clearly NOT a track bike, what with all those extras like brakes, derailleurs, etc. In fact the frame is identical to mine right down to the paint job. As before, I'd be surprised if you could get $300 for it, but you never know what some Japanese collector might do. :-)

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